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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Collaboration:!

One my longest days for awhile to come was today and it started off with a breakfast meeting with the awesome creative fashion duo Jessica Phan and Agnes Fernandez of at Palo Alto's Joanie's Cafe.

Do yourself a favor and visit their site now--especially if you're into new fashion/accessories that you can make for a dime [or a borrowed shirt/pieces from your.. well..boyfriend haha]

But really, their pieces are creatively fantastic and have grown quite a following and have already been featured in blogs and even Metro News! Quite a feat especially when they just started a year ago!

they even gave me a free sticker!

Our meeting was to discuss two things primarily: my upcoming shoot with my stylist [an androgynous shoot with a story] and a calendar LookBook project that will benefit a charity with its sales. We also discussed for the future a produced video by MotionScope Studies to showcase the DIY videos that its followers would want in clarity and instruction! So there's definitely a lot going with our collaboration.

Do expect this calendar to be completed by the end Fall and ready for order for the Holidays!

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