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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ad Campaign: Molecover [BTS: Haight St., San Francisco]

These are the behind the scene pictures I took for the Molecover Ad campaign series--this time at Haight St., San Francisco.

I'll be honest right away: I forgot to bring my pocket camera so instead I used my iPhone--and no, not the newest iPhone 4--but the very first generation iPhone.

Safe to say though, I'm loving the black and white photos I can get from this camera! =)

Pictured in these photos are the latest members of MotionScope Studies, the photo/video company that I started with my friend Ryan Brown. The fella is John and the lady is Nicole.

I was their photo director for the day as I instructed them to take the Molecover notebooks around Haight and capture it in great scenes.

Nicole [pictured above] was asking me if she could just come back here another day since I was giving them too little time. I had to be somewhere by 4:30pm meaning I only gave them 25 minutes haha

Despite the time constraint, I'm sure the images will be looking great as I'll be editing them and publishing them for web by the end of the weekend.

So here's to add another collection of Molecover images to the ad series!

Edited spreads coming soon! Stay tuned!

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